It takes 100 drawings to get one design right.

It takes 100 designs to get one right.



by Lemuel Iglesias

IT was during a period of transition when I was hired by my current school; it was changing its leadership, it was changing the teaching roster, it was changing its name from being the namesake of a Guardian Angel into a name that could be identified more for the high-standard-curriculum it will offer – Merlion International School. The incoming leaders of the school decided that it should also have a powerful symbol to proclaim the positive changes that was coming. The “new school” needed a new logo. (Read the rest of this post HERE.)


My host, Lee Tze Chuin and his Sec 4 Art Students getting ready to submit their O-Level entries.

GreenRidge Art Students getting ready to submit their O-Level entries.



by Lemuel Iglesias

I WAS sent to a school in Singapore for a week to undergo training for IGCSE Art and Design. This attachment/training in GreenRidge Secondary School, a leading school in Singapore well known for its excellence in Art Education, was made possible with the generosity and help from PSB School Head Consultant Mr. Tan Kian Hock,  the Principal Mdm Alice Heng and staff of GreenRidge, in particularly the HOD for Mathematics Steven Koh for home hospitality and the Art HOD Lee Tze Chuin and Art teacher Mr. Yeo Hock Ann. With their help, I came to understand the whole IGCSE exam process, especially its importance to the subject that I am passionate about. Here are some photos that I took with day-to-day run down of what transpired during my training. (Read the rest of this post HERE.)


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