by TeacherLem Iglesias

Project Title: ‘Ceramic Masks’

Created by: Primary 3L and 3J

Age: 8-9 years old




  • Motivate the students using African Masks as inspiration — Lead a discussion about the different kinds of African Masks, their meanings and the type of patterns being used. Here’s a helpful guide > CLICK THIS.
  • Show the kids how to do the Basic Hand Building methods — Demonstrate each one to them. Here’s how > CLICK THIS.
  • Let the students experience how to create a Clay Mask — Guide the students on the step-by-step process. Here’s a helpful video > CLICK THIS.




  • Clay
  • To make the clay ‘Slab’ — Rolling Pin, Wooden Guide
  • To avoid the clay from sticking on the table – A4 sized piece of Cloth
  • To smoothen the clay or attach pieces together – Water and barbecue sticks
  • To cut and slice the clay – Ruler or Fishing Line / Thin Plastic Wire
  • To create texture — Popsicle Sticks, Barbecue Sticks




Sources / Click the BLUE LINKS:


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