by TeacherLem Iglesias

At the start of every school year we go back to the basics and teach the Elements and Principles of Art once more.

This is to remind the students of the building blocks for a good artwork.

For this activity we focused on Lines, Shapes and Colours and how to use them to create Patterns.

By Primary 4. Repeated lines, shapes and colours creates a pattern.

By Primary 4. Repeated lines, shapes and colours creates a pattern.



Samples Created by Primary 4 Joy

Age: 9-10 years old


  • A5 Cardboard
  • Coloured Pencils
  • Coloured Markers
  • Oil Pastels


We started the activity with a quick review of lines and shapes. I showed them the slide below and asked the class to identify each.

If your students can name all these images, they're ready for the activity ;)

If your students can name all these images, they’re ready for the activity 😉

The Lines:

  • Thin and Thick
  • Straight, Zigzag, Wavy and Curved
  • Dash, Dots and Continuous
  • Vertical, Diagonal and Horizontal
  • Short and Long
  • Angle and Spiral

The Shapes:

  • Triangle, Square, Pentagon and Hexagon
  • Octagon, Circle, Rectangle and Oval

We told the class that if these lines and shapes are repeated in a sequence, they create a Pattern.


 STEP 1: Draw some lines like “rays of sunshine”.

Draw a large circle at the centre of an A3 paper. Then cut it into four A5 sheets with one-fourth of the circle on each of the A5.

One circle, cut into four.

Give one cardboard (one part of each circle) to one student and ask them to draw lines– from the “circle part” going towards the edge of the card board– like “rays of sunshine”. They should use different kinds of lines from the lesson earlier.

circle patterns_step 1

STEP 2: Draw some shapes. like “pizza ingredients”.

Then between each line, they should draw a pattern consisting of shapes– from the “circle part” up to the edge of the cardboard. Tell them to imagine “pizza ingredients” like pepperoni (for circles).

circle patterns_step 3

STEP 3: Colour between the lines.

Remind the students to just colour each shape and all the spaces between each line to complete the design.

circle patterns_step 4


Here are sample results from this activity from my Primary 4J classes. They’re awesome (see photos).

circle patterns_P4 Joy

circle patterns_P4 Love


If you have some extra time left for your Art period, it’s always a good opportunity to involve the students in evaluating their own work.
See our blog post about EXHIBITION, PRESENTATION AND EVALUATION (please create a specific criteria for this project) >>click THIS LINK.


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I hope you and your kids will have as much fun as we did with this project. See you next Saturday    🙂

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