by TeacherLem Iglesias

Part of the Art Department’s main objectives this school year (2015-2016) is to focus on actively promoting Art Education in our school community. In support of this goal, we have scheduled several exhibitions showcasing outstanding students’ work within the year.

The first exhibit we had was for the ‘SISB/SG50 Art Contest’, which was held last October 2015 (here’s the LINK).

This was immediately followed towards the end of Term 1 with an exhibit aptly called, ‘T1 Art Show’. It covers art pieces done by the students from August 2015 to December 2015. Here are photos from the exhibit and descriptions of each art project on display:

(1) The Art Show Poster

With the aid of Photoshop, we created this promotional visual to create some excitement for the event and set the mood for the type of environment we are going to provide the viewing public.

poster source T1 Art Show

The Original Photo before Photoshop.

The design is based on a photograph taken during the ‘SISB/SG50 Art Contest‘ of a student showing off his unfinished artwork. We modified the colour scheme and added the necessary texts to transform it into an exhibit poster..







T1 Art Show Poster

The Art Exhibit Poster after Photoshop.


(2) The T1 Art Gallery

It was setup outside the school’s Multi-Purpose Hall using ply boards assembled with hinges. The welcome greeting, with the official poster,  is seen on the very first board and the rest of the displays are arranged per level, from Primary 1 (students age 6-7 years old) to Year 11 (age 16-17 years old).



(3) Primary 1 and Primary 2 art pieces from Teacher Michael’s classes:

P1 (6-7 years old) has createdJames Rizzi Buildings’, with a pop-up book quality that makes it so interesting. P2 (7-8 y.o) has painted Joan Miro Creatures’ demonstrating their creativity in designing monsters from their imagination.







(4) Primary 3 classes (8-9 y.o.), also under Teacher Michael, created ‘Mystical Eye Weaving’ using different coloured yarns.

In my Primary 4 (9-10 y.o.) art class, we opted to create ‘Cityscapes’, based on a lesson on Tonal Gradation and building silhouettes.







(5) My Primary 5 (10-11 y.o.) and Primary 6 (11-12 y.o.) classes displayed artworks showcasing their skills in Oil Pastel and Coloured Pencil Techniques.

Primary 5’s oil pastel artwork is titled “Tonal Pipes”, while Primary 6’s coloured pencil artpieces are called “Kunstler Patterns”. The pieces rely heavily on lessons about Tonal Gradation, Patterns and Space in art and design.







(6) Teacher Daniel’s Secondary Level classes displayed higher levels of skills and techniques in their artworks.

Year 8 (13-14 y.o.) created “Goblin Puppets” using Papier Mache techniques. Results looked peculiar and fascinating at the same time. Year 9‘s (15-16 y.o.) mixed media “Sweets” were bursting with yummy colours.







(7) Year 10 students who are being trained for IGCSE Art and Design, under Teacher Daniel as well, participated with their mixed media drawings and paintings.

It showed quality and detail that suggests students are doing their best to prepare for their major art examination next year.





Thank you, Teachers — Everyone who spent time to have a look at the displays. Special thanks to Teacher Michael and Teacher Daniel for helping us put up all the artworks for display.

Thank you, Students — Especially those who gave their best in making sure to submit high quality artworks that always makes us, teachers, so proud.

Thank you, SISB — especially Mr. Kelvin Koh, HOS/Principal Victor, Principal Cecilia, Vice Principal Jasmine, Khun Judith and Khun Wilawan for their unwavering support for the Arts.


See You Next Time…

Just like before, I hope you’ll be inspired to organize your own Students’ Art Show after reading this.

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