by TeacherLem Iglesias

FOR the second year in a row, the Art Department hosted a special Art workshop for Teachers as part of our school’s Professional Development Programme (PDP).

While 2015’s PDP focused on Drawing Caricatures  (LINK HERE) and Clay work, this 2016’s workshop concentrated on Printing– lino cut Printing to be exact.

And as with last year, the attendees from different departments, including Maths, Science and Chinese Language, enjoyed half-a-day of creating art together. 

 “Leave Your Mark: Art Workshop for Teachers” was the title given to this two-hour workshop we organised with the help of Art Teachers Michael and Daniel, respectively. The main goals of the workshop, which we successfully accomplished were:

  • Explore the creative side of teachers -attendees were given the chance to practice their drawing and designing skills.
  • Experience the process of lino cut printing -they were introduced to this technique of printmaking, whose artistic tradition could be traced back to ancient China and Europe’s medieval period.
  • Encourage teamwork through art-making – it was also the perfect opportunity for teachers to have fun and work together to create four exceptional collaborative art pieces.

Linocut PD_3


The Simple Procedure:

The workshop started with a background information about the art of printing and it’s history. This was followed by a demonstration on the methods and techniques of lino cut printing.

Linocut PD_1


Participants were given an opportunity to draw –and cut/carve out– their own designs on a 4″ x 6″ lino tile based on symbols associated with their respective subjects or department.



After cutting and carving out the symbols on the lino tile, teachers were ready to apply paint on the tile using a variety of coloured inks and a brayer.

Linocut_Inking 2


Since it’s a collaborative artwork, each participant would have to print their design beside another participant’s design to create a pattern on a large A2 paper.



The Awesome Results!

The Science Group created an art print illustrating symbols associated with scientific inquiry, ideas, formulas and procedures (photo below).

Linocut Result_2

Linocut PD_5


The Maths Group has printed Mathematical symbols and patterns (photo below).

Linocut Result_4

Linocut PD_6


The Music Group printed musical symbols and instruments (photo below).

Linocut Result_1

Linocut PD_4


The Chinese Language Group printed this beautiful piece using Chinese characters (photo below).

Linocut Result_3

Linocut PD_7


Thank You…

To all the teachers who attended the workshop:

Kristin, Ivenne, Chatree, Daniel, Jeremiah and Supattra,

Shamim, Dora, Lian, Bruce, Christopher and Edwin,

Maya, Teresita, Chandrali, Evelyn, Aey, Jonas and Sio Sen,

Xianzhou Peng, Zhong Xiaojing, Zimu Zhang and Jiang Ping Zhou


Special thanks to Principal Cecilia and Vice-Principal Jasmine and

Art Teachers Michael and Daniel for your continued support and encouragement .


Why not try this out? A detailed procedure can be found on this LINK.


Once you do, I hope you and your colleagues will have as much fun as we did with this collaborative project. 


See you next time    🙂

Teacher Lem_signature





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