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OUR Art Department successfully organised the SISB End-Of-Year Art Exhibition featuring artworks of students from Terms 2 and 3. The opening of the exhibition last May 2016 was attended by SISB CEO Kelvin Koh Yew Hock, Khun Wilawan Kaewkanokvijit, Head Of School Victor Giam and Primary School Principal Cecilia Ng. Students, parents and other VIP guests were also present at the event. The exhibit featured the most recent watercolour and acrylic paintings, charcoal and coloured pencil drawings, as well as papier mache and ceramic works of SISB students. It was the perfect environment in support of the secondary school’s performance of the play Mono No Aware, which was scheduled on the same week. Here’s how we did it.

The Exhibition Poster

The exhibition poster design (see featured visual above) was courtesy of Palmy from Primary 6L. The original design (below), which was the basis of the final poster, was her entry to A Different Look Art Competition in Poland. We used Photoshop to minimise some of the elements in the design and add the needed text about the event. It came out nicely and quite appropriate for our purpose.

Poland Entry_Palmy_NEW

Artist: Palmy / Class: Primary 6L


The Gallery

Just like our previous art exhibitions, the art pieces were displayed outside the school’s Multi-purpose Hall. However, this time, we requested that the Primary Level boards be painted black (the Secondary boards remained white). Normally, the backboards and frames we use for the artworks are coloured black. So, to save time, we just posted the artworks without any frames or backboards. This gave us more freedom to experiment on the layout of some the pieces we displayed (see how the t-shirt designs were posted).


Entrance to the exhibition gallery at the school’s Multi-Purpose Hall.


Panorama view of the art exhibition: Primary 4’s Circle Paintings hanging in the foreground, Ceramics and Papier Maches on the tables in the middle-ground and 2D Art pieces on the boards in the background.


Primary 1-3 Level (7-9 years old)

The Lower Primary kids under Teacher Michael displayed the following art pieces: Pinch-Pots, Imaginary Creatures, Boomerangs and Cave Art Tablets which were all made of ceramics. Other pieces were Aborigine-inspired Art, Surrealist Art and African Masks.


(L-R) Primary 3’s African Masks, Primary 2’s Cave Art Tablets and Primary 1’s Aboriginal Art. (Foreground) Ceramic Boomerangs and Pinch-Pots.


Detail of Primary 3’s Pinch-Pot Creatures–they are scary and cute at the same time.


Primary 4-6 Level (10-12 years old)

My Upper Primary students opted to display their Illustrated Poems by Shel Silverstein, Papier Mache Robots, Stenciled Flowers, Charcoal Drawings and T-shirt Designs.


(L-R) Stenciled Flowers by Primary 5, Shel Silverstein Poem Illustrations by Primary 4 and Charcoal 3D Forms by Primary 6.

T-Shirt Designs

T-shirt Design Display Board featuring Primary 4-6 finalists in our school’s t-shirt design contest last term.


Secondary Level (12-15 years old)

Teacher Daniel’s Secondary students displayed artworks showcasing higher skills ability: Linocut Trees, Expressive Self-Portraits and Serene Landscapes.


Expressive Portraits and Colourful Birds by Year 9.


Foreground: Serene Landscapes by Year 10.


Poland Art Contest Winners

During the exhibition a special area was provided for the students who had won Distinction Awards from “A Different Look: International Art Competition”, held in Sosnowiec, Poland. They are Patrick from Primary 5L, Jai-jai from Primary 5P and Tintin from Primary 6L.


The artwork on top is by Tintin of Primary 6L. The artwork below is by Patrick of Primary 5L.


Art Exhibition Opening Ceremony

We organised a lunchtime ribbon-cutting ceremony on 26 May 2016, attended by Head of School Victor and Primary Level Principal Cecilia. Also in the event were Primary Vice Principal Jasmine Choong, Secondary Vice Principal John Kurton, and several groups of Primary students. Other VIP guests, especially SISB CEO Khun Kelvin, were able to grace the exhibition during the final performance of “Mono No Aware” the following day, 27 May 2016.


Parents, students, guests and VIPs all came to celebrate the school’s artistic achievements this year.


The exhibition lasted for a week with a steady flow of visitors throughout its run.


How to Get More People to Visit the Exhibition

Another innovation in this exhibition was to incorporate raffle giveaways after the event. The raffle contest was simple:

(1) Place a conspicuous drop box at the entrance of the gallery.

(2) Instructed the visitors to look at all the displays from Primary to Secondary carefully.

(2) Asked them to give the title of 10 artworks that they liked.

(3) Told them to list each title on the entry form we provided.

(3) After the exhibition week, we picked out winners from the drop box.


Step 1: Get an entry form; Step 2: Write your name and class; Step 3: Write the titles of 10 Art works; Step 4: Drop your paper in the box.


The response was overwhelming. Students flocked to the hall to see and enjoy each other’s art work and also received prizes for being there. Two students won Oil Pastel sets, another two won Colour Pencil sets and couple won two sets of Watercolour Paints.


A young art critic writing down the title of her favorite piece in the exhibition.


Getting the work done for the exhibition raffle sans table.


We’ve never had this number of student-visitors in any of our previous exhibitions. They’re all seem to be very motivated to participate this year. Hmm?


My Sincere Appreciation!

To Art Teacher Michael and Art Teacher Daniel… thank you for always being proactive members of the Art Department, for being there from the exhibition’s conceptualisation to setting-up and clearing-up. Most especially for being a great inspiration to your students, whose work shines through in every one of our art shows.

To HOS Victor and Principal Cecilia… thank you for always giving us your full support in every Art project we do, and for helping us make important decisions to improve our ideas.

To Khun Kelvin and Khun Wilawan… thank you for always gracing us with your presence in our art shows, which always adds elegance and prestige to the event.

To all our students… thank you for being… YOU. Remember, all of us — your Art Teachers — are doing all of these for you in the hope that someday, maybe one of you will have your very own solo Art exhibition and make us all proud 🙂

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